Welcome to Coastal Plains High School! We are excited that you are enrolling with us!

CPHS offers traditional learning, credit recovery and CP plus enrollment options. 

Please read carefully before registering and only complete one online registration form per year (contact the registrar if the type of application changes-no need to complete a new application.) 

  1. Program students-students who must be registered at daytime high school and approved to attend CPHS (program enrollment has closed for this school year).
  • Students who are under the age of 18; and 
  • Students who are 18 and over and are not considered a dropout
  1. Credit Recovery 
  • Students enrolled in a day school program may take a course or courses approved by the day school for credit recovery  
  • Credit recovery approval does not make the student approved as a program student (separate approval process)
  • Payment of $250 per credit must be made prior to starting the course(s)

     3. Students who may register only with CPHS to attend

  • Students who are 18 and older and have previously dropped out of school-must have an end status (B, F, I, L, M, O, P, R, S or U) as a dropout from the last school attended (see eligibility to enroll below for details); or
  • CP Plus students (21 or older by September 1), or  
  • Students with an approved Medical waiver request-must provide a note from an MD,OD, NP, LCSW, LPC, or LMFT with a diagnosis for the student. The note must also include the date (current within 6 months) and the reason why an environment like Coastal Plains is needed for the student.

Kiosk link online registration. (please write down registration number)

Application choices: 

2023-24 - for students who register only with CPHS

Program student - for students also registered at daytime high school. Also has credit recovery as a choice of type of registration.

If you have any questions, please email your local CPHS Site's Registrar.


List of Site Registrars

  *For students enrolling-Once the enrollment application has been completed, the Registrar will request educational records (transcripts, attendance, discipline, etc) from the school of origin, in order for the Intake meeting to occur.  Students are required to stay after the intake meeting to begin classes.

Please click on the link for additional information

Eligibility to Enroll

Types of registration

Program student information

How to enroll a new full time student

How to enroll a CP Plus student

How to enroll a credit recovery student

How to add a new student if you have a student enrolled and attending already