Coastal Plains High School Title I Parent Survey

Your opinion matters to us! We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Title I Parent Survey

Coastal Plains High School FY24 Parent Survey

Georgia‚Äôs IDEA Parent Survey is available to all families of students with disabilities.  The survey will be administered through an online link and can be found on the websites listed below.

FY24 IDEA Parent Survey

If families want to answer the survey by phone:  Contact the Special Education Help Desk at 404-657-9968.

School-Parent Compact Feedback (FY25 Planning)

Your opinion matters to us! We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Georgia Health Surveys

The Georgia Health Surveys are important tools which provide helpful information to Coastal Plains and the Georgia Department of Education. The information provided will assist us in identifying methods to further help students succeed in school. Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment that will allow students to achieve a high school diploma and be prepared for life after high school. All students will be expected to complete surveys unless they returned the passive permission form sent home in August. The Georgia Department of Education requires at least 75% by students but we would like for all students to participate as every opinion counts. Thank you for completing the surveys and helping us help you. Please contact your site should you have any questions. 

Step 1: Click on a link below (Student, Parent or Personnel) to access the correct survey for you.

Step 2: Select District - from the drop-down box, select STATE SPECIALTY SCHOOLS I (782).

Step 3: Select School - from the drop-down box, select Coastal Plains Charter High School - Candler Campus (782-0618).

Step 4: Respond to the survey questions. 

Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 - HIGH SCHOOL (grades 9-12) : please complete by Dec 14, 2024

Georgia Parent Survey: please complete by Dec 14, 2024

Georgia School Personnel Survey: please complete by Dec 14, 2024